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Bishounen Picture-Post

Share Pictures of Your Favorite Bishounen!

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Welcome to the Bishounen Picture-Post! In this community, you can post pictures of the various bishounen you like and introduce others to them! There are some rules, so please read over them before posting!

1.) Limit yourself to one bishounen per post. You can make as many posts at a time as you like, but it gets confusing if there are five or six different characters introduced in a single post.

2.) The bishounen you post about must be an actual bishounen (boys only, no bishoujo pics!). I know that everyone's definition of a "pretty boy" is different, so there's a lot of flexibility here. Your bishounen can be from anime, manga, or video games. I'd prefer that you keep it to those mediums, but exceptions can be made.

3.) If you add this community to your friends list, expect lots of pictures to be showing up! I'd prefer that the images NOT be put behind a cut tag unless they are very big or contain adult material. Please be aware of this.

4.) Hentai/adult pictures are allowed, as long as they are placed behind a cut-tag and you give fair warning about what they contain.

5.) Never insult a bishounen! If you don't like the bishounen posted, just don't comment. If someone went through the trouble of posting about the character, they must like them to a certain extent. To prevent flame wars, it's best to simply ignore the ones you don't care for.

6.) Try not to post pictures of a bishounen who has already been posted. If you do, don't worry. It's not a big deal.

7.) Once a bishounen has been posted by someone, feel free to comment with your own pictures, opinions, links, or fanworks! This community is, at its core, for sharing, discussing, and generally enjoying bishounen!

8.) And finally, when making a post, please try to follow this format:

Name of the bishounen in the subject line.
One Picture of the bishounen.
Name of the series the bishounen is from.
Brief bio/information of the bishounen in question.
As many more pictures as you'd like to share placed behind a cut-tag.

Your friendly maintainer is archica.

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