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Yuri Killian

OMG! The Insert image function won't work for my comp! It keeps on freezing my browser everytime I use insert function! I'm gonna use html. If anyone knows how to fix my problem, please let me know.

Anime:Kaleidostar/Kaleido Star

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Yuri Killian
Age: 18
Place of birth: Russia
The male lead of Kaleido Stage and Layla's partner. Yuri is gentlemanly and especially nice to Sora in the first few episodes.

If you want to know the details, go watch the serie. I can't stress enough what a good anime this is. This is also in my top ten anime list currently.

Above bio nicked from Unofficial Kaleido Star Fan Site, and image from Elysian Anime. Thought I should give the credits(I'm no good at doing chara. bios without spoiler, and I did save the pic and put it in another image server in order to direct link the image so no, I didn't link it to the site where the image came from).
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