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Seishiro Sakurazuka

Awesomest Bishie out there. He beats all the other ones hands down. Holy geez this place is dead I thought it could use a fresh new entry, yay!

Name: Seishiro Sakurazuka

Age: Mid to late twenties I believe

Anime:Tokyo Babylon/X/1999

Bio: He is known as the Sakurazukamori, Japan’s number one assassin who uses illusions to murder his victims. He's a dark Omnyouji and usually is surrounded by cherry blossoms which are his signature when he appears or is about to induce an illusion. He's very tactful, clever and cold-hearted and a mystery to most people. He has a strange relationship with a light Omnyouji, Subaru who he was 'friends' with in Tokyo Babylon but the relationship was not what it seemed and Seishiro betrayed Subaru and killed his twin sister. Since then Subaru has been searching for Seishiro and they encounter one another in X/1999. Subaru seems to hate Seishiro but in fact he realized when he was young that he loved Seishiro which made the betrayal very painful for him. Seishiro says he feels nothing for Subaru but we suspect otherwise with how their final battle turns out but I won't ruin what happens after that. You have to read/watch these wonderful series yourself!

I'm going to show pictures from both Tokyo Babylon and X/1999. You can tell the difference because in Tokyo Babylon, for most of the series Seishiro has both his regular eyes but later on his loses sight in one of his eyes from protecting Subaru. The X/1999 ones you can see the eye that has no pigment in it and he is wearing his dark assassin clothes and he seems more menacing. But sexy still of course. The dangerous cruel bishies are always the sexiest IMO.

Tokyo Babylon:

X/1999- Illustrations and direct Screen caps from the X TV series.

~Screen caps~

Seishiro x Subaru <3

Seishiro x Subaru again~(Sorry they are my favorite)


That's all folks! Lovely isn't he? 8)
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